I have a question for all music fanatics out there. Have you experienced drifting into a different space and time during an intense music-listening session?

An altered dimension. A place where you can just reflect.

If the answer is yes, which i think will be for anyone who listens passionately, who surrenders himself to the music, then welcome to the fourth dimension.

To put it simply, Music has the power to take you into a higher state of consciousness. Towards beauty, towards infinity, towards the source.(God!?) You may have felt it only for a few seconds, but even a glimpse is enough to make you realize the power.

The Connection Between Music and Soul

In Indian Classical Music, music is considered to be a tool for communion with God. To be lost so much in it, that you drift into the unknown.

For those of you who are familiar with the concepts of Spirituality, have you ever wondered about the connection between music and the soul.

Isn't listening to or playing music with all your faculties and energies directed deep into it, a form of meditation?

Who Benefits from Musical Meditation?

I shall call it Musical Meditation. A process of deep musical interaction which cleanses your mind and soul.

But for the music to have such an effect, you must listen to a whole album at a stretch, not one song. You have to dive into the album, surrender to it.

For musicians, jam with someone who suits your style and you suit his and just keep listening and improvising.

But then again this concept will not work with all genres of music. You cant listen to Britney Spears and expect a change in consciousness.

What Types of Music Are Best for Musical Meditation?

All types of music which expect the listener to have low attention spans, where the intention is to entertain, amuse or infuse hatred, this method of cleansing
may not work at all.

For those of you looking out for suggestions, i would recommend post-rock. Mogwai (The Hawk Is Howling), Grails (Burning Off Impurities), Sigur Ros, Isis (Panopticon). Great bands. Great Albums.

If not, then anything from Mozart to Miles Davis to Pink Floyd will work wonders. Music, where the music gets highlighted not the secondary stuff.

Personally I've been obsessed by two bands recently who have made me travel into some killer spaces. One is the German Experimental Group ‘Can'.

Just pick up any album between 1968-1975 and you will be blown away. The other band is the progressive metal band ‘Tool' (if you can bear heavy music). Just pick any album!

So guys, musical voyagers, go, travel, cleanse, meditate, let it all out through the music !

Guest post: Pragash Ganju. Music Lover. Guitarist. Interested in music production.

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