So I'm not sure what the haiku rules are for numbers, so no haiku for this week. 🙁 This band is called 930 and it's made up of a couple of kids. Way cool that kids are getting into music that young and writing their own songs.

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What is the significance behind the number 930?

Becca: September 30 is a big day in our family, so that’s how we came up with the name.

Matt: Yeah, my and Becca’s birthday is September 30 and our other twin siblings were also born on the same day 9 years later!

In your family, which set of twins do you think has the strong twin bond? Any examples?

Matt: The other twins are only 6, so they haven’t really gotten to a point where they realize that they have that kind of connection, but I’m sure they will pretty soon. Then we’re really in trouble! (laughs)

Becca: Matt and I have definitely been in situations where we can just look at each other and be like “Yeah…right? Yeah” and know exactly what the other is thinking. We spend a lot of time together too so I think that’s part of it. Even though we don’t like ALL the same things like music and hobbies – Matt is more into comedy and acting and stuff than I am – we’re still pretty similar in a lot of ways.

930 is a band that actually write their own songs, who writes the lyrics and who writes the music?

Becca: We both do, although I write more of the lyrics. I also write songs that are not necessarily right for 930 because they’re more acoustic or quiet, but I really like being creative and expressing myself with music.

Matt: But we both come up with ideas for songs and talk about it.

What generally inspires you to write a song?

Becca: It can really be anything, although I think songwriting is a really great way to express an emotion – good or bad.

Matt: Right, like when you’re upset about something, it helps to have a release and a way to tell your side of things. And with a song like “Live It Up,” we were inspired by just that happy, exciting party atmosphere – like, “Yeah, let’s have a great time!”

930 are big supporters of the anti-bullying campaign, what made you get involved with this?

Becca: Matt and I both had to deal with a lot of bullying in middle school. So we wrote the song “Get Out of My Way” as way to say like “You don’t get to tell me if I’m cool or not.” It was important to us to tell other kids that bullying and teasing really hurts.

Matt: Right, and we know how hard it is to stand up for yourself and have self-esteem when you’re being bullied. So we wanted to have a way to say to other kids in the same situation, “It’s OK, be proud of who you are.”

As twins who double as musicians and actors, who are your some of your role models in each category?

Matt: I love comedy and funny stuff, so my acting role models are people like Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell. For music, I really like Jason DeRulo and 3OH3! My dad and I always used to sing Daniel Bedingfield’s “Gotta Get Thru This” together.

Becca: I really look up to people like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez because they do it all: acting, singing, dancing. And I really like Hayley Williams from Paramore because she has a such a cool style. Taylor Swfit writes amazing songs and always inspires me to be a better songwriter.

Would you rather tour with the Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovato?

Becca: The Jonas Brothers. I saw their concert and the stage sets and everything were so amazing. They had waterfalls inside the arena! It was just a great experience to be there.

Matt: I would pick Demi Lovato. Because I just love her.

Who are your celebrity crushes?

Becca: Definitely Nick Jonas. I think he’s super talented, and I love that he writes his own songs.

Matt: Demi Lovato and Hilary Duff. And Hayley Williams from Paramore, she’s amazing!

Check out their music at

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