Want to connect with fans on a deeper level? (You better say yes). Check this out.

I was reading Small Things That Make a Difference in Musicians' Online Engagement over on Hypebot. Couldn't agree more.

One thing he didn't mention that I do is  resend a personal reply to “every” new email sign-up. I am sure to subtly mention the time of day (i.e. Good Morning, Good Evening, Happy Saturday Morning, etc) to give it a more real time feel.

I then thank them for signing up, ask them if they are liking the music or what else they are listening to these days and then mention that if they need anything they can just hit reply.

Like so:

Hello [Use Their Name],

Just wanted to personally thank you for grabbing my free songs. I really appreciate it.

I hope you are enjoying the songs.

And just so you know, if you have any question or comments, I'm right here.

By the way, just curious, what else are you listening to these days?

Have a good one,
Corey Koehler

You can hear ALL of my songs here…
[my web address]

I am amazed at the responses I get and with the conversations that have come from doing this. Despite the fact that I am a small time singer-songwriter in small town Minnesota, I find that people are very excited when they realize they are one on one with the artist.

This email also gives you a chance to discover who else your fans are listening to. This is great marketing intel. When you see an artist mentioned a few times, market to fans of those artists fans and you'll see that they will respond to your music too.

In this ultra competitive arena, it is the bond you build with your fans that will differentiate you from the crowd and will carry you to the next level. The stuff mentioned in the Hypebot article and this simple email tactic are simple ways to do that.

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