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An online recording studio service can make life a lot easier for DIY musicians and songwriters like us.

Especially when you consider how tricky it was just a few years ago.

Back in ‘09 when I first set out to record my songs I realized that I had a few problems.


  1. I sucked at recording.
  2. The amount of time it would take to unsuck was going to be long and take away from other things.
  3. I could only write, sing and “strum” a guitar (no lead work, no drumming, no keys, no bass, etc).
  4. If I put out crappily recorded songs, nobody would take me serious.
  5. If I let these hurdles stop me from getting my songs recorded, the fat rat of regret would gnaw away at my soul until I did.

My solution = outsource it.

Outsource it, as in, hire a recording studio to help me record my music.

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“I'm no Joe Meek”

I didn’t live in Nashville or L.A. but I was lucky enough to find a great studio in my hometown (shout out to Tom and Annie at McLooney Tunes). You may not be so lucky.

Now, via the magic wand of technology, you can hire an online recording studio to help you record high quality recordings no matter where you live.

In this post I'm going to tell you about a studio I was made aware of a few months ago, ($) and how you could use a service like theirs to record radio ready versions of your songs.

Here's what I learned.

Who Can Use An Online Recording Studio

An online recording studio can REALLY help you if…

… you are songwriter who wants to get your music recorded and turned into a demo or fully produced track.
… are a DIY musician living in a rural area without access to professional studio services.
… are a talented musician or music producer looking to gain some insight as to how you might add another revenue stream as a session musician.

And there are a lot of ways they can help.

How An Online Recording Studio Can Help You

Here is a list of some of the services MixStudios in particular offers:

  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Timing and pitch
  • Harmony additions
  • Remixes
  • Drums
  • Live guitar and bass
  • Etc.

They can do a full production or just used as a supplement to what you can do yourself.

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It is really not as expensive as you would think for these services.

Traditionally, studio time is not cheap. It is not uncommon to see prices at, or well above, $100 per hour. That can add up very fast.

With prices range from $29 for something like harmony additions to an affordable $599 for a full size production.

And what I think is pretty cool, they guarantee their work.

That takes a lot of balls considering their clientele. Let’s be honesty, We musicians can get pretty edgy when we feel our babies our babies aren’t turning out like the one we hear in our head.

Bottom Line

You can spend a ton of money on buying your own equipment. You can spend hours and hours learning how to use that equipment and how to play new instruments. You can hop on a plane and go to Nashville, LA or wherever you need to go to record and pay hundreds of dollars an hour.

Or you can use service like MixStudios and get back to focusing on writing, performing and building your fan base.

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What Say You?

In the comments below let us know…

Do you know of any other studios out there like
What experience you’ve had with these these studios?

If I get enough feedback maybe I can whip up a post with a list of them (kind of like this).

(P.S. If you’d like to claim two free mastered tracks and get access to the vault so you can grow your audience click here or the image below)

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