Songwriting Course Reveals How To Write Good Song Even If You're A Beginner

Get better at songwriting for piano and guitar, writing chord progressions, scales, melodies, and lyrics with no music reading. 

Plus the following:

  • Insider tips that will help you write catchier melodies (hooks) in minutes
  • Samples of hit Chord Progressions used in Pop, Country and Rock styles
  • Plus, I'll share some tips on promoting your song when they are ready to release

“You will write a complete song by the end of this course.”

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    Student Feedback

    “This Course is so well made by Steve Glazer Some things which I liked about this Course 1. The Instructor is so passionate & Humble 2. It discusses the basics of music 3. As a Grade 5 music theory student, I had no idea about how to write a song but this really helped me understand Music in a Practical way 4. Later in course, we discuss Chords and Scales in both Guitar & Piano then we discuss Lyrics 5. This Course serves as a Basement if you want to build your skills in songwriting.”

    Prince – Current Student

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