Just wanted to take a quick second to invite you to check out a podcast interview I did with David Andrew Wiebe over on The Music Entrepreneur.

Here's a rundown of what you'll hear about:

  • How – Musicgoat – got started.
  • Why I started releasing a song every month.
  • How I am able to earn residual income from CD Baby.
  • How I was able to solicit guest posters to his site.
  • How I got started in music.
  • How my fascination with marketing began.
  • Why I believe that marketing music takes more effort than marketing other things.
  • Why I believe that music and marketing are one and the same.
  • Why I believe you need to focus on the personal connection in music marketing today.
  • Why I believe you should emphasize quality over quantity with your content.

Click below to go listen now:

Listen to the Music Entreprenuer

Oh and by the way, make sure you listen to some of the older shows over there. Lots of good stuff like an interview with CDBaby founder Derek Sivers.

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