Most people think that the changes we are seeing in the music industry are a modern problem. But as you'll hear in the following podcast, disruption in the music industry is nothing new. In fact the case discussed in this podcast dates back to the early 1900's.

Two reasons I thought I would share this with you discover while listening to this podcast:

1) I wanted you to see how the advent of the phonograph crushed the piano business in the early 1900's. Then how many piano makers perished with the exception of Steinway. They adapted and made it though the tough times to remain one of the top piano makers to this day.

2) I wanted you to see how “jobs” as we know them are changing more rapidly because of the increasing pace of technology. The take-away for me on this is how important it is for us to keep nurturing and adapting our creativity side while at the same time learning how to market that creativity. Ultimately it is our creativity that separates us from the machines.

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