Here's How to Sell More of Your Songs Online by Releasing Singles

Discover a simple method that you can use to sell your songs online to watch your fanbase grow, feel the buzz around your music intensify and hear the virtual cash register ring with the sound of sales.

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  • Which services to use to distribute your single on iTunes, Spotify, etc.
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  • How to sell more music, more often.

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“This is a great resource that you can print off and reference every time you release music.”

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"Corey [aka the dude behind Musicgoat], you give out the most amazing information. I’m an old rocker, trying to get acclimated to the new music industry, and you are an oasis to someone like me. I’m so far back there….You keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Thank you so much!” 


Randy Gabbard

Guitarist in Nashville, TN

“As a musician I find it very challenging to balance my time to include practice, writing, recording, performing. There is nothing quite so disheartening as working for months or years preparing a killer product, to then play it to family and friends and then ……….. nothing. Corey [aka Musicgoat] has has allowed me to stay focused on making music while he is focused on making sales – finding the fans who are wanting to hear what I have to offer.”

Derek Barg

Singer-Songwriter, Social Science

“Corey’s ability to create and inspire new ideas is a great feature. I really admired Corey’s experience as a live performer, and his ability to target fans who care about great music and not just fame. I would definitely recommend this man to my Nashville contacts!”

Tyson Bowman

Singer-Songwriter, CEO, Guitar Shark Music

Want To Sell More of Your Songs Online?

Discover a simple method that you can use to sell your songs online while watching your fanbase grow.

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