Alternate Income Sources For Musicians

Ultimate Goal

Most musicians focus on sales from downloads, cd’s, merch and gigs but there are tons of opportunities out there to make money with your music related skills.

When you complete this training series you will know about where to find alternate sources of music related income.

I’ll show you where to find these opportunities and how to give yourself the best chance at earning income from them.

Course Action Plan

Here is a step by step action plan for this course. Do at least one action step every day until you complete each one.

Day 0 Action Plan – Watch Videos.

Day 1 Action PlanSign up For Upwork and set up your profile

Day 2 Action Plan – Search for and submit a proposal for 5 jobs.

Day 3 Action Plan – Search for and submit a proposal for as many jobs as you can find.

Day 4 Action Plan – Rinse and repeat Day 3 Action Plan forever.



Freelancer (Get $20 to sign up)


Video 1: Music Related Freelance Work

Video 2: Tips For Creating Your Freelance Profile

Video 3: How To Create A Proposal That Gets you Hired

Video 4: Follow Up Strategies And Final Thoughts


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