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song-sellers-society-deviceStart Here

Welcome to the Song Sellers Society. It is great to have you on board.

Here's how this is going to work.

On the first day of each month I will post another lesson on something related to promoting your music.

This page is what I am calling “The Dashboard.” You will be able to access all the lessons from this page.

Below is a running list of lessons. When you click on the button it will display a short overview of the lesson and give you a link to the course page. Just click on the link and you'll be taken to that lesson.

Easy right?

Here what you need to do now:

1) Join the Song Sellers Private Mastermind Group and introduce yourself.

Click Here To Join 

(just “request” to be added and I'll approve you)

2) Choose a lesson below and start learning. 

Bonus Training - Sell More Singles Roadmap

Sell More Singles Roadmap

Follow The Exact Same System I Used To Build My Fanbase, Generate Buzz and Sell Single Downloads For up to $5, $10 and the occasional $20.

This step-by-step guide takes you by the hand and walks you through everything you need to know to release your music quickly and easily. Everything has been done for you.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • How and where to get album art created at a low cost.
  • What meta data you need to add to audio files so they are trackable (and collecting royalties).
  • Why liner notes still matter and how to create them.
  • How to organize all your release information to make the process quick and easy.
  • What services to use to distribute your music everywhere.
  • Legal and copyright info that you need to be aware of to protect yourself and get the most mula for your tunes.
  • When, and when not,  to release your music to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Simple tricks to maximize promotion on your website and out in social media.
  • The psychology behind getting fans to pay for your music (and pay well in some cases).
  • And I’m sure I am missing something else.

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June 2017 Training - Identify Your Ideal Audience

Identify Your Ideal Audience

In this lesson you'll discover my secret recipe for helping you identify your ideal fan and how to use that information to develop the habit of finding fans and opportunities. Get Instant Access.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Get to Know Yourself and Your Music. Identify what makes you unique so you can stand out and attract your ideal fans.
  • Define The Perfect Fan: How to make your perfect fan stand out in a crowd.
  • Putting it All Together: How to craft your unique message and define your perfect fan by combining personal and fan identity.

Click Here To Take The Lesson

July 2017 Training - Keep Your Fans Close With Email Marketing

Keep Your Fans Close With Email Marketing

When you complete this course you will have a hands-free fan collection and relationship building machine. This machine will be an asset that you can use over and over again to promote shows, new releases and more.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Selecting a good email service provider
  • Create your web forms
  • Creating landing pages
  • Managing your email list
  • Building your email list
  • More

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August 2017 Training - Beginner Musicians Guide To Booking Gigs

Beginner Musicians Guide To Booking Gigs

When you complete this training you will know some simple strategies you can use to start booking shows in your area. This is based on personal experience when I was able to book 1-3 shows per week for myself as a solo artist and later on for my band, starting from zero.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Where to find venues to book gigs
  • The right way to reach out to venues
  • Questions to ask the venues
  • More

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September 2017 Training - Alternate Income Sources For Musicians

Alternate Income Sources For Musicians

Most musicians focus on sales from downloads, cd’s, merch and gigs but there are tons of opportunities out there to make money with your music related skills.

When you complete this training series you will know about where to find alternate sources of music related income.

I’ll show you where to find these opportunities and how to give yourself the best chance at earning income from them.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Where to find music related freelance work
  • Tips for creating your freelance profile
  • How to create a proposal that gets you hired
  • Effective follow-up strategies
  • More

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Bonus Content - Ebooks, Audio, Interviews, Reports, Etc

Bonus Content

This is the area where I am going to put any bonus content. Stuff like ebooks, interviews, reports, etc.

Just so you know, some of this is available outside of the members area but you won't find them all in one place without searching or signing up for different email lists. I want make the Society Dashboard one big resource for members so things are easy to find.


Sell More Singles

Find More Fans on Twitter

Reports / Checklists

Email List Jumpstart Checklist

How To Promote Your Video On YouTube

Music Submission Checklist

Podcasts / Audio

3 Mistakes Musicians Make With Email Marketing

Music Licensing Whatnot

Why Bands And Musicians Need A Website

Why Bands And Musicians Might Want To Blog

Best Place To Sell Your Music

How To Get Airplay For Your Music


Playing Cover Vs Original Gigs with Brad Lazarus From GiggingSuccess (Blab.im Interview)


Tell Me What You Want To Learn – “Coming Soon”

There are a ton of topics to cover. I have a bunch lined up for you but I want to know what you want to learn about.

Take the survey below and let me know what you are most interested in learning about.

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