sirenstorieswingsDear Songwriters and Composers,

I'd like to invite you to share your unique songwriting talent with me for my new project, Sirenstories.

My goal is to post 1 new song—and information about the songwriter—each week for 1 year at
(Occasionally there will be a post about a book, book trailer or other creative project on the site.)


FIRST: UPLOAD *YOUR SONG to the Sirenstories group on SoundCloud

SECOND: PLEEEEASE make this easy for me by answering the following questions in your notes:

1. What's your name, or your band's name? *If the song was not written by the person or band performing it, tell me the name of the songwriter.

2. What's the title of your song?

3. Where are you from?

4. Best websites to see/hear/contact you.
(Be warned, I'll probably go there and get a pic of you or your album art.)
**If your music is for a book trailer or movie, please give me the url to embed.**

5. Briefly describe your music.
Include quotes from the press if you'd like, as well as info about the track's producer or the players.

6. What's your song about? PLEASE PASTE THE LYRICS IN YOUR NOTES.

Please upload 2 tracks in case I want to feature you twice 🙂

Beginning June 1st 2011 go to to hear 1 new song every week for 1 year. How awesome is that?

Hope to hear you soon, and thanks!

Very best,


Guest post: Mimi Cross is currently writing novels, which she says are just really long songs. She created Sirenstories because before she was a singer/songwriter, she was a fan.

Singers + Songs = Sirenstories

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