Stuff to Help You Get More Fans and Sell More Music

This page is filled with products and services that will help you get more fans and sell more music.

How do I know?

Simple, I've either used them myself (and highly recommend them) or I created them with my own two hands using knowledge from first hand experience.

Sell More Singles eBook

Learn about a simple method to sell music online, by the single, that help you grow your fanbase, create more buzz and increase your music sales.

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Claim Your Free Website Set-up

Still don’t have your own website? (Shame on you BTW) Check out this great deal for Musicgoat readers.

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Download Your Free Audio Book

Inspiration comes in many forms. Audio books are perfect to listen to when you are traveling to gigs or when your in need of some inspiration at your mindless day job.

Download a free audiobook from Audible. Choose from titles like “The Six Figure Musician” and “The Biography of Kurt Cobain”



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“Corey, you give out the most amazing information. I'm an old rocker, trying to get acclimated to the new music industry, and you are an oasis to someone like me. I'm so far back there….You keep writing and I'll keep reading. Thank you so much!” Randy Gabbard

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