Here's a stupid question for you. Are looking for another place to submit your music for some airplay? Good, because a podcaster friend of mine by the name of W.B. Walker is looking for some podsafe music that he can play on his Old Soul Radio Show.

I told him that I knew a bunch of musicians who might be able to help him out.

So if you have music that fits into the following genres – Americana, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and Rock – do the following:

1). Listen to the show to get a feel for what he is doing (you are gonna want to hear his opening anyway, because it is classic).

2). Fill out the contact form on his site. In the message field include a link to your music and ask him nicely if he would check out and maybe play your music.

3). Tell him Corey over at Musicgoat sent you.

That's it.

Go Listen and Submit Your Music Now

Hopefully he'll like your stuff, play your tunes and help you gain a few fans.

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