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Here's the deal:

There are many working parts when it comes to releasing a single.

IF you want to get your music in the hands of the right people and make more money.

You have to get your music copyrighted.

You need to get ISRC and UPC codes so you get proper credit and they know who gets any royalty money.

You’ll have to format your audio files correctly. Make sure you are crediting the right people in the liner notes (yep, they still matter).

Then if you want your music to be in every online store you need to figure out the best way to distribute your music. (both digitally and physically).

Once you figure that out, you’ll need to create album art in different sizes. Each service and/or application have different requirements.

Oh and that’s before you even get to the promotion part.

You’ll need to figure out when to release it and where.

Are you going to use social media? If so, which sites? Facebook? Twitter? Something else?

Are you going to make a video? Are there any blogs. magazines or radio stations I can send my release to?

YEP… there is a lot to do.

But you can save a lot of the time and save yourself all the headaches.

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Follow The Exact Same System I Used To Build My Fanbase, Generate Buzz and Sell Single Downloads For up to $5, $10 and the occasional $20.

You get my step by step planning guide.

This guide – that I call the Sell More Singles Roadmap – takes you by the hand and walks you through everything you need to know to release your music quickly and easily.

Everything has been done for you.

I made the mistakes. I spent hours looking for the information. Poking, prodding, mixing and matching. Failing. Succeeding. Blowing time. Blowing money. You don't have to.

Get Instant Access To The “Sell More Singles Roadmap”

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In just a few days you will know how to  release a single or album. If you’ve done a good job following my instructions, you will have your music floating around the internet generating buzz, creating new fans and bringing in some money (often times for more than just $.99 if you do it right – I’ll show you)

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