thrusday-therapyWant to learn from the struggles and challenges facing musicians like you? Want the piece of mind that comes with knowing you are not alone in your music struggles? Well then, check this out.

First time here… read the following 3 paragraphs. Regulars… skip them and go to  the interview because you know this already.

This is week two in a series called “Thursday Therapy.” For about a year now I have been conducting interviews with almost everyone who has signed up on the Musicgoat mailing list (You can sign up too and I'll throw in a free ebook). I ask them 6 questions.

These interviews started out as more of a marketing exercise (as in “get to know your audience”) but quickly turned into piece of mind when I started to understand more about what other musicians like you and I are going through.

So in an attempt to share these stories with you, I came up with Thursday Therapy.

This week we talk to longtime indie Non-Touring musician Randy Shook. Thank you Randy!

Artist Name

Randy Shook

Link where we can hear your music?

As a musician, what is your biggest frustration (what keeps you awake at night)?

As a non-touring musician, I don't have many frustrations. The one thing that does kinda bug me is the lack of venues in my general area for experienced/older musicians that are songwriters without a following or large fanbase.

Bookings are mainly given the groups that have a following. Most of them belong to a “clique”, early 20's or have a following that consist of family and school friends.

And of course, an endless slugpile of Karaoke and Open Mic Nites.

Toronto has always been kind to my type of musicians, but unfortunately, its 60 miles away and takes about 3 hours to get there.

As far as promoting your music, what have you tried before?

Many years ago, the only way I tried to get my music distributed was through selling CDs at shows or trying to sell them in record shops (editors note: Remember them? more on records shops here).

But Since 2007, and the massive expansion of world wide internet radio, it's been amazing to have my music played all over the world.

With a combination of social media, websites and email, you can get send your music directly to the person who wants it, at a very low cost.

What are your goals, dreams or desires as a musician?

At this point in my career, I'm just focusing on songwriting, recording and distribution.

How much have you spent in the past trying to achieve those goals, dreams or desires?

In the past, it was very expensive to record music and find distributors who were interested in my music.

I've had countless record labels not interest in my music over a 10 year period

It took several years to achieve minimal results.

Now I own my own studio, do my own mastering and distribute my music through my own record label (RSME Records).

[Tweet ” “Without politics and middlemen, the process is smooth and almost effortless” @randyshook on his music career”]

How did that make you feel?

I feels great to have full control of my music career.


There you have it. I've sifted through a ton of these interviews these past few weeks, and compared to most, Randy has a great outlook. His last comment says it all.

Here's Randy in action…

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