As a music supervisor, a lot of people email me and ask questions about how to go about getting music placed. So I decided to put this together to try to pass along some of that knowledge. It may seem very basic but many times that is all you need to do.

Do the Research

Do your research, find out what shows fit your music. Check the credits. Reach out on places like Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

Make sure your music fits. If I have heavy metal or hard rock songs I am not going to send them along to a show that primarily uses Hip Hop? or Reggae?

You may think this is silly that I say this but I cannot begin to tell you how many times I might post a listing and get back the total opposite results. I will post something like I need Hip Hop, or Urban rap tune and someone will eventually send me a singer songwriter or jazz, even once I got a classical score piece.

Nothing will get the Music Supervisor to not listen to something more than when someone says, “I know your not looking for this at the moment but I feel this will be the best fit for your show…” Not tripping but if the director wanted something other than what is listed he would have asked for it.

Keep it Simple

When sending someone an email asking them to listen to your music be sure you make the process as simple as possible. Keep it clean and accessible. Something like SoundCloud, Dropbox You Send it, or Reverbnation EPK.

Try to think of it like a million folks are trying to get the Music Supervisor or A&R agent to listen to their music. If the one listening needs to fill out forms or go searching on some website then that is NOT going to happen.

Best Way to Get Heard

The best way to get the attention from music supervisors like myself and get your music heard is to be honest, professional and humble. Do not tell me you’re the next so and so. Let your music and image do the talking.

Whether you are working out of a garage, a one room apartment or you have a great band rocking out every night, if you have great music and great attitude you will be heard.

Your music will get you to where you need to be. Might take a while but it will.

Guest Post: Mark Allan is the owner of the music publishing company Wolfies Music. Working with some of the best that the music industry, he is forging a pathway into the future by establishing new contacts, relationships and networking to share the music of his and others with the world.


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