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The Curse

As songwriters you and I are cursed (in a good way of course) when it comes to looking for ways to write better songs and improve the overall songwriting process. We will travel around the world on horseback, study a new religion and drink the blood of a African shaman if we think it will craft a better song.

Also, if you and I want to be able to market our songs, it needs to market itself first. It needs to be good enough to cut through the static, tap your ideal listener on the shoulder and pull them inside.

For these reasons I always have my eyes peeled. I am constantly looking and listening for any scrap of information that can help me write a better tune.

The Cure

Back in January I found a free songwriting e-course (affiliate link) that really opened my eyes. It only took about two emails for me to start seeing many of my songs in a different light.  And to be honest it kinda sucked because I thought I was a pretty strongwriter…WRONG.

With each email I was seeing holes. An unfinished thought here, a dead ends verses there and a bunch of  words that weren't pulling their weight when it came to painting pictures in the mind of listeners (very important).

Anyway, go check it out for yourself. Go sign up for the free Strong Songwriting e-course now by clicking here (affiliate link).

Maybe these tips will be just what your need to get your songs heard and, most importantly, remembered. Peace!

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