Ever wonder what someone like William Shatner or Lewis Hamilton listen to when driving? Or did ever consider what would be in your list of Top 10 Driving songs? Before you do that, lets get into the right mindset.

It’s about an hour into the journey and two unpleasant thoughts assail you: firstly you realize, not for the first time, Radio stations all seem to play the same stuff, over and over again and secondly, you’re heart sinks as you realize for the umpteenth time that you still haven’t synced your iTunes or Spotify subscription with your phone or car.

This happened to me on a holiday driving through Europe so before I developed a liking for Spanish Polka Rock or worse, I managed to turn the radio off and in silence spent a good couple of hours considering what would be the greatest playlist for this 450 mile journey. It’s quite a task!

So on my next road trip, to Scotland over the holiday period; I intend to take a perfect playlist with me and happily I got a bit of inspiration and help from this site: SoundtrackToYour.com, when I compiled it.

Here you’ll find the easiest, most fun way to find, create, listen to & share new music and playlists. Soundtracktoyour.com allows people to discover specific music for all occasions, grouped by the real events in your life, songs for every occasion.

And Road Trips is a biggie, there are some excellent playlists to discover and listen to. But if you’re anything like me, then it is to the celebrity road trip soundtracks that you’ll go and check out. From Bob Hope to Slash, from Stephen Fry to Stephen King all the music that gets their motors running and loads more is there.

So go and check out these two and their playlists: Motor Racing World Champion, Lewis Hamilton and Willian Shatner AKA Captain Kirk, who’s your favorite?

Lewis Hamilton

  1. State Of Emergency by Game & Ice Cube
  2. My Life by Game & Ice Cube
  3. Dope Boys (Travis Barker) [feat. The Game] Supa!
  4. Whatever You Like by T.I.
  5. I Put On (feat. Young Jeezy and Kanye West) DJ P Exclusivez
  6. Hands Up by Lloyd Banks
  7. Call Up the Homies (feat. The Game & Willy Northpo) Ludacris
  8. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It by Ice Cube
  9. Hero by Nas & Puff Daddy
  10. Baby Come Back by G Unit

William Shatner

  1. Common People by William Shatner
  2. It Hasn't Happened Yet by William Shatner
  3. Together by William Shatner
  4. Familiar Love by William Shatner
  5. Real by William Shatner
  6. While My Lady Sleeps by John Coltrane
  7. Air Mail Special by Charlie Christian
  8. Love Is Here to Stay by Ella Fitzgerald
  9. Adagio in E Major, K. 261 performed by The Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra & Richard Kapp
  10. Landed by Ben Folds
  11. Lose Yourself by Eminem.

Somehow the premise of ‘The Shat' rapping along with Eminem seems about right. As well as creating your own perfect driving playlist you could even send one to a friend as a digital mix tape!

Especially if you're sharing a journey with someone with dubious musical tastes!

The site is also jammed with lots of celebrities personal music playlists, from the music that Kelly Jones, of The Stereophonics, believes he was conceived to, to the music that Piers Morgan wants for his funeral – and of course you can listen to all of these soundtracks, for free and in full on the site, of which the tablet version will be released in December 2012.

Guest Post by Script writer and blogger working and living in London, UK.

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