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Today, I wanted to share a post with you from a blog I've been checking in on lately. The blog is Slowcoustic and they recently did a post which points to another post from a blog called ClickTicket. These posts list what they feel are the Top Twenty Music Review Blogs.

I figured some of you might be looking for a little more in music review department, because, as I've admitted in my latest podcast, I am not the most frequent blogger on the planet. (note: the fact that 500+ of you stick around points to the fact that I am possibly the luckiest music blogger on that same planet).

Oh and if you're wondering why I am sharing the Slowcoustic version of the story – rather than serving it up straight from the ClickTicket tap – it is because I think Slowcoustic's version gives you a little insight as to what kind a blog Slowcoustic is (since they were on the list themselves).

Its like watching an awards show, many times I think it is more interesting to hear how the artist goes about accepting an award than it is to hear the announcement itself (does that make sense?). I think you will be left with the same impression I was left with, Slowcoustic is appreciative, humble and not afraid to prop up fellow blogs. In other words, good people!

One last thing, without knowing fore sure what the criteria for this top 20 list are, I figured I'd throw in a few that I would consider in mine. If you are into hard rock and metal check out  Hard Rock Hideout and Rock My Monkey are both very solid.

Any hey, if there are any that you know of that are on not on this list but you might put in your top 20, please, share in the comments below. Maybe we'll have enough to put together a Musicgoat top twenty.

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