Looking to plan a tour? Want to just read some cool touring stories? Here are some resources with band touring lessons from Pomplamoos and Guns n' Roses.

Lets start with Jack Conte of Pompamoos. The dude is extremely talented and a true pioneer when it comes to indie music promotion. It would be wise for all of us musicians to keep an eye on him to see what he is up to.

But, I find his report on Pomplamoos' Tour Profits a little to be “whiny” – which seems odd coming from someone who has been so positive when it comes to artists making money with music (like on his interview on DIY Musician from back in 2010).

ANYWAY, this whole thing reminded me of a story I read about how Guns n' Roses, at the height of their fame, was losing money on sold out shows.

In “It's So Easy and Other Lies” Duff McKagan from Guns N' Roses (great effing book btw) talked about how they were at the top of the charts, on constant rotation on MTV and selling out arenas and even some stadiums but were still losing money on some of the shows. Why, because of mismanagement. Each band members was bringing there own masseuses, spiritual healers, friends, dealers, musicians, girls and what not on tour. Stuff they didn't need.

Then you throw in Rockstar drug and alcohol habits and Axl's knack for starting riots, going on late and getting fined by local authorities and you are in the negative. Interesting huh?

Well that's all I have, just kind of brain dumping here. Read Jack's Article and be sure to read through the comments. All kids of gems in there.

Also check out the article on Gawker which makes the case that this was all just a marketing stunt for Patreon. Whether that's good or bad, I think it worked.

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