song lyricsHere's a clever way to make your song lyrics more tweetable and attract more potential fans to your website.

Jon Morrow over at BoostBlogTraffic had a great post on how to craft tweetable quotes the other day. According to Jons blog post, “Tweetable quotes are the crack cocaine of social sharing.” And when you combine that thinking with the fact that song lyrics make great quotes, we as songwriters have some damn good, ready-made content to use to promote our music online.

Then, later in the blog, he mentioned a tool called Click To Tweet.

The tool makes it dead simple to promote and advertise your content (like song lyrics) on Twitter. Nothing groundbreaking really. Other than the tracking it offers, Click To Tweet is pretty simple and is just an added step in the Tweet process.


This is Where the Magic Happens

When you combine a crack worthy song lyrics with an embedded version of Click To Tweet on your website, you give your fans the ability to help spread the word for you and good things can happen.

Click below to try it out for yourself.

[Tweet “Lyrics make the best quotes and quotes are the crack cocaine of social sharing!”]

Cool huh?

Just think if you embedded a few of these puppies on each lyrics page of your website or in a blog post.

You are making it dead simple, and even inviting, for a fan to share some of your great lines (website link and all).

I installed and tested it here on Musicgoat and immediately had two 3 RT's and a few favorites from followers (thank you if that was you).

Set-up is Way Easy

It doesn't take long to set up either. Grab a few lines, make some links and embed them on your site. BAM! 10-15 minutes tops.

And if you have a WordPress site, its even easier. There are a few plugins available that can have you up and running in minutes.

Just look up Click To Tweet in the plugin search and you'll see two. I tried them both and they were pretty much the same. Pick one, set it up and send out a few Tweets.

There you go. A simple way to make your lyrics work overtime while allowing your fans the opportunity to share the lyric love.

Special Offer for WordPress Wannabees

Dude, want to join in the WordPress fun? I can help. Hostgator is offering hosting for a penny (as in 1 cent). If you take them up on the offer through this link, I will install Worpress and this plugin for you for free (yep, I said free). Plus, I'll point you in the right direction with a video walk through of your site and guide you though adding music, show dates and more. That is a freakin no brainer. I don't know how much better I could make this deal for you.

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