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Top Indie Resources

Indie Bible Bundle – David and his crew have been serving DIY musicians for over 20 years. The Book is now an online database filled with thousands of resources for musicians. These resources are essential for reaching bloggers, radio peeps, Spotify, curators, labels and more.

Indie Spotify Bible – One of the newest additions to the Indie Bible offerings is this sortable list of over 3000 Spotify Playlist Curators. If you want to crush on Spotify, you'll want this.

Indie YouTube Bible – Speaking of playlists, here's the contact information for over 3400 YouTube playlist curators.

Fangage – If you are looking to start growing and monetizing your audience or if you are looking for a Patreon alternative check out Fangage. It is a great all-in-one platform to host your website, collect fan emails and monetize your music. Its pretty cool. Click here to get a free 14 day trial.

Reports / Checklists

Email List Jumpstart Checklist– A quick guide to starting and building your email list.

Music Submission Checklist – List of place you can submit music along a checklist of things you need to do before submitting.

Spotify Playlist Playbook – A quick guide to starting and building your email list.

Backdoor Music Sponsor Report (endorsement hack) – List of affiliate networks with music related products that you can sell and earn money with.

Music Teacher Toolkit  – List of resources the will help you start and promote a music teaching business online.


By Me

Sell More Singles (most downloaded and influential ebook. Getting outdated due to music sales falling but the strategy is sound and works when you apply it to streaming)

Find More Fans on Twitter (probably a little.. ok a lot… outdated but many of the principles are still relevant)

By other musicians and industry pro's

Youtube Marketing Playbook For Musicians (You'll like Chris and the advice he gives which is all based on his successful indie career).

Million Dollar Briefcase (Can't remember where I found this but it is this short powerful read. totally changed the way I look at everything and I had to share)

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