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Vinyl is Back Baby!

Over the past week a fellow musician Erik Peterson and I got into some heavy vinyl and cassette chat over on Google Plus (Click if you need an invitation).

He shared a few articles that were great food for thought if you are thinking of some alternative ways to release your album,have a fanbase that is receptive to these types of media or are looking at cracking a new marketing of people looking for new music on these formats.

Check out the articles he shared.

Vinyl records make comeback in digital age

The thing that surprised me most in this article is the age of the fans that were spurring the comeback on.

“…Fleming [owner of] Ear Candy [record store], he says teenagers and twentysomethings make up a large amount of his record buyers.

Indy Record Label Puts Spin on Cassettes

This is the article that really surprised me. I didn't think there was a chance in hell that cassettes would still be even remotely relevant but I was dead wrong.

Notice how inexpensive they are to make and you don't need a very large quantity. This got me thinking that perhaps this could make for a nice headline grabber. I mean who isn't going to click on a press release that says “[Artist] Releases New Album on Cassette”. Just a thought.

Anyway, check those out and stop back to let us know what you think.

Can you see yourself releasing anything on vinyl or cassette?

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