As musicians, we all want our music to be heard and to be noticed. For most of us YouTube music marketing consists of putting up a video of our music on YouTube and hope to get some fans. However, its not that simple.

It isn’t enough just to put videos online. If you want your videos to get more views, then you have to learn how to optimize Youtube videos.

There are 5 main elements that YouTube uses to rank videos:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Views
  • Ratings

At first, you won’t have views or ratings so you will be focusing on titles, descriptions and tags. As a bonus, your videos can also show up on Google if you do well on those 3 aspects.


You get the most search engine value from your title. Include your name and your song title in the title so current fans can find you easily. You can also add the word “video” to your title since many people include that in their searches.


This is really important. Don’t just put one word tags in your videos. Most people search phrases such as “top playlist 2013” or “garfield sex music”. If you have longer tags, then you have a higher chance of ranking up your videos. Also be sure to add your name and any misspellings it may have when people search for you.


Describe your video in the description. Make the beginning of your description catchy as people will be intrigued to click on it. If you have a site or music link like Soundcloud, be sure to add those in the description too along with your name and of course the song’s title.

Practice these optimization tips and you will see more views coming to your videos, and if your music is good, people will share it and thus get more views.

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Guest post: Leslie Edwards is a musician and part of a blogging group at I like to make music and blogging.

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